Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I should probably give up on this endeavor, yeah? Hah I'm not too worried.

Just bought this cute little kit I saw on over from Twin Fibers. I think it'll make a splendid Christmas Present!!

I'm still trying to figure out what all I'm gonna do for everyone. AH

Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday, Monday

How is it that I think of the song "Monday, Monday", but then proceed to bop on over to "It's Friday I'm In Love"? Makes me wish I had posted on Friday :P Maybe this week.

I actually have a new WIP! I started a pillow that will eventually be my sister's Christmas Present :) I don't have to worry about spoiling any presents on here, because nobody reads it :)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Missed A Day. Whoops

I'm for real not cut out for this blogging everyday thing, if you couldn't tell, ahah!

Yesterday was so busy that I really didn't get on the internet hardly. A little facebook while I was at work, but no time for more than that.

My car rental ends on Thursday of this week, and I'm pretty sure my car isn't gonna be done by that time. Who knows, though? I can only hope.

I need to go to the store today, and really just don't feel up to it. I don't feel up to much today. It's a down day, even though it's gorgeous outside for the supposed last time this year. Bah.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Okay so thos NaBloPoMo might not have been the best idea for one such as boring as myself. Freal, I wake up, go to work, come home, sew, and read. My weekends are when I get out of the house because I'm not so mentally exhausted from dealing with the idiocy of mass quantities of people that believe it's a good idea to be on the receiving end of a thrown pencil to the eye. Good job, buddy.

Sorry, just a tad bitter. Maybe working with the general public may not be the correct calling for me. Whoops.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I'm Thankful

For the color Pink. The color Blue. Couches. Fabric. Quilts. Green Grass. Red, Yellow, and Orange Trees. I'm thankful for harmony. For the few silences in this house. I'm thankful for my Family. I'm thankful for my friends. I'm thankful for my kitty, and our animals. For pillows and soft beds. For beautiful clouds you can spot pictures in. I'm thankful for scarves, hoodies, and scrumptious hot cocoa. I'm thankful for flip-flops, but also for socks and houseshoes. I'm thankful for the internet, for the worldwide touching of souls and blossoming friendships. I'm thankful for music. The guitar, drum, bass, cello, violin, and every instrument that I just don't seem to have the patience to type out. I'm thankful for happy families and budding romances. I'm thankful for books, and stories. I'm thankful for horror movies, and chick flicks. For drama and the actors and actresses. I'm thankful for you reading this, and I'm certainly thankful for all God has done for me in my life. I'm thankful for chocolate, and for grapes. For sunglasses and for necklaces. I'm thankful for all the things I take for granted that I don't really appreciate daily such as vehicles, for roads. For stop signs and yellow lines. For the roof over my head, and the heat coming through the vents. For the internet, laptops, cell phones. For the refrigerator, and the microwave. For blogger. For humanity. For animals. For everything.

What are you thankful for?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Another Day Another Dollar

Shew what a day! Does anyone else have those days that just feels like they'll never end? Ever? Definitely had one of those today.

I'm currently washing my quilt for the first time, and I can't hardly wait to see it all dried and crinkly and soft and awesome :) This is really the first quilt I've made myself, and I'm proud! I have three more that I'm doing, and none of them are for myself, either :P

My biological father sent me a Layer Cake of Kate Spain's Fandango, and I believe the fabric is gonna go into the pattern Easy As Cake from the Moda BakeShop. I had thought of making a quilt like the Tiger Lily pattern from Crazy Old Ladies, but this one is so easy on the eyes, and not to mention my silly machine :).

Monday, November 8, 2010

Almost didn't make it!

I've been browsing blogs and looking at all these amazing photos when I realized I haven't done my blog post, yet! YIPES!

Haven't touched my sewing machine today. First I still have to cut that stinkin' binding before anything, so that might take a few days to gather up courage, haha. I've finished my quilt from the 3-in-1 and it's gorgeous. It's nice and big, and I'm glad it's big enough to cover. Definitely my largest quilt to date, but that's not saying much. Soon I'll have a bigger one if I can gather the courage to start the dang thing, haha! I'm planning on taking Natalia's Gobble Gobble quilt and changing it from a fall to a Christmas quilt with Kate Spain's 12 Days of Christmas! I've had the fabric for a while, but just haven't really done anything with it yet. It feels like I have so many more things to do before I get to it, unfortunately.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

I'm so silly

I've been messing this whole thing up! Haha. I've tried to mix NaNoWriMo and NaBloPoMo. Both of which are held in November, but are two separate things, haha. Sorry if I caused any confusion.

I've been listening to quite a few awesome artists lately. Mumford and Sons, Stellar Kart, Firelight, Counting Crows, Dropkick Murphys, Relient K, and just whatever pops up next on my music lists :)

I've finished straight quilting April's baby quilt this morning, but I just can't seem to get myself to cut out the binding for it. This is gonna be a mess if I say so myself, haha. Not bad, I just can't seem to pull myself to cut hardly anything. Gah!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Summer In The City

Hello! Welcome to day 2 of my daily blogging.

While I'm here, I may as well get a chance to win a giveaway myself! Little Miss Shabby is hosting a giveaway of some fabric from the gorgeous Summer In The City line here!

Not only is she doing this fab giveaway, but she as amazing pictures to show her quilting! Anytime I want to just look around and see some cute stuff, she's one of the blogs I run to. Another is Heather from {House} of A La Mode. Gorgeous, let me tell you! She also has a very peppy personality and an awesome playlist to listen to while you're checking out her blog :)

Here ya go guys!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

NaNoBloMo Late Start

I know it's been for-evar since I've blogged, but I guess I'm too lazy to blog! I don't have any followers, so I guess it doesn't matter much if I blog or not. I've finished a few quilts and pillows, started a few quilts that are still a WIP, and done some overall stitchery and embroidery.

Maybe I'll get some pictures up finally of stuff to flickr, hm?

Anyways, I'll see ya tomorrow!

Saturday, August 14, 2010


So I said I'd take pictures a long time ago. I did take pictures, but I realized yesterday I never got to posting them. Aren't I fantastic?

Haha, either way, I figured instead of loading them to my blog I could create a Flickr account! Smart idea, right? Yeah, no. I can't figure out how to make the darn thing work! So what I CAN do is give you a link :) Shows my new fabrics, my quilting endeavors (Including two finished quilts!)

If anyone can help me figure out Flickr, it would be greatly appreciated!!!

Does this work by any chance?

Sunday, August 1, 2010


I finished quilting Tabby's quilt this morning around 1! Finally, getting some progress done on the trio! I guess it helps that I have a deadline of the 14th, eh? At least they're all pieced and are just waiting on some basting/quilting and some binding :)

I've come across some awesome stuff on the web lately. cute zippered pouches, Christmas stockings, diaper bags, and many more!

I'm thinking about putting some music on here. I'm not sure everyone would agree with my type of music, though. I love some Fireflight, Pillar, Skillet, and more :)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summertime Blues

So does anyone else get the summertime blues? It's over 90 degrees outside, humid (or raining now) and I just can't seem to get the urge to really do anything. Once I get home from work - no matter how hard or easy the day really was - I'm exhausted and just don't feel like moving, really. I've done a few things, but it's been small things done over a period of time. I got the border strips on two of the three quilt tops. That's awesome considering the third one doesn't need any borders :) I have my cathedral windows pillow top on hold because I just can't get up enough energy to really tackle it. I have the 'base' of the pillow cut and sewn together, but can't find the will to cut out the 'windows'. I cut a few out yesterday, but I still have quite a few to tackle.

Once it hits into September everything will be back to normal, and I just can't wait for this intense heat to disappear!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I'm on a buying kick! So the beginning of this month I decided to buy some fabric ahead of time to make my Christmas quilt! Natalia of Piece N Quilt was having a Fabulous sale for the 4th of July, so I put an order in for a jelly roll of Moda Basics White, and a jelly roll of 12 Days of Christmas. Unfortunately, the 12 Days had already been sold out, and I was totally bummed. Just to be safe, I waited until the other jelly roll was delivered to my front porch before ordering from another shop. (I've had accidents with buying twice, when I was told one was 'sold out') I received my gorgeous white jelly roll, and made my way over to Burgundy Buttons and bought myself that other jelly roll! And, I figured, while I was at it I may as well buy some new thread, right? I have 3 spools of King Tut, one Masterpiece M bobbin, and one spool of So Fine! headed to my door as well! I'm so PSYCHED! Especially since all I've ever sewn with has been the Wal-Mart 'quilting' thread. I believe it's Coats and Clark. I'm on my way to finding out myself the difference in thread :)

In other news, I guess in my long absence I forgot to take pictures of the fantastic fabric I won from FabricWorm in the Bloggers Quilt Festival! It's a bit dark for me to be taking pictures this time of night, so I believe you shall have some pictures headed your way soon!

Sunday, July 11, 2010


It's been forever since I updated. I'm sorry about that. I actually took a little hiatus from sewing a bit, and began reading new stories like my life depended on it.

However, my camera is willing to cooperate (somewhat) and I have pictures for you!!!

Here is quilt 1 of the 3-in-one I've been going on about. It's the largest, and is 4 blocks by 3 blocks. Our grass was wet at the time, so you only get a partial view ;)

This is the quilting of the pillow (below) that I tried my hand at. I believe I did alright, but it definitely could've been better. Sometimes my machine knows just when to man-handle me!

Here is the overall pillow. The sun is bright outside and really made the cream fabric pop!

This is the smallest quilt. It's fuzzy because I don't have the best camera in the world. If you notice, two of the squares aren't like the others!! This top isn't 'finished' because I have fabric on order to make a border for it. Other than that, this is what ya get :)

Here is the middle sized quilt. It was actually the easiest to make, no angled cutting or crazy corners to work with. I'm truly proud of my three!

I'm especially proud of this gem! It's the additional change purse to the actual purse I made for my best friend in the entire world. She saw the fabric and instantly fell in love. I figured she deserves something for putting up with crazy 'ole me. But this was the first time I'd ever used 1. zippers, and 2. ric rac! I found out what was making my machine not 'quilt' right - I was using horrible horrible batting! I bought some different batting for the purse and change purse, and man did it change my life! See those little curley-q's? IT'S A MIRACLE!

Purse and wallet-thingy. I'm so proud!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Already Ready

I'm already ready for Christmas!

Are you?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Feeling of Accomplishment

So tonight I got busy sewin', and finished two quilt tops. Granted they're small lap-quilts, but I do feel like I've done something today. I haven't been sewing much since I got back from North Carolina last weekend, and I guess all that pent up sewing just had to get out, eh?

Now, the 3-in-1 quilt set is finally pieced and ready for some basting! One small problem is that I need to go buy some fabric for the backing and binding. Whoops :) I just LOVE fabric shopping!

There are so many new projects that I'd love to start working on now that the Pride and Glory and trio are finished. I started an apron that I quickly lost interest in. I don't think I'll ever be making any dresses or shirts or anything. Making cuffs and seams just isn't worth it!

Unfortunately, I think I may have worn out my old Singer sewing machine. I not only broke a needle in the middle of the sashing, but it's starting to skip stitches, the feed dogs aren't pulling like they should, and my tension is all wonky. I'll take it to the doctor as soon as I can, really. After all, I can't even finish the tops I have now if my machine won't work, right?

Which also reminds me... I know that for one of my Christmas presents I'll be receiving a new sewing machine. I've been looking at the Brother PC-420. Does anyone recommend this machine? Also, what are some good sewing machines for quilting?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sorry, Kiddos!

So I've been having a rough time this past week and, honestly, I can't really bring myself to blog. I've got so much in my head that trying to sort it out isn't something I care to do right now. There has been a death in my family that was very close to my heart, and I can't think of trying to write anything.

However, I am in blog-land reading each of your blogs. I want to read as much as you guys can put out, because it distracts me from the other stuff.

News to note:
Since winning the Fabricworm giveaway for the Bloggers Quilt Festival, I have chosen my fabrics and received them. I'll post pictures when my heart stops breaking. I also stopped in Fancy Gap, NC (on the way home) at their pottery and fabric outlet and bought a few things. Just 4 fat quarters and 2 embroidery hoops. (Yes, those darn hoops).

I'm out, and I hope you all are doing MUCH better than I am :)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


So today I've been flopping around on the internet trying to find the blog that had the AWESOME Bible scripture as the header (I can't remember the scripture or I'd just look it up). I can't remember the blog or anything, so I've gone through my history, clicking anything that might be what I'm lookin for. So I come along Amy's Creative Side and click on it, knowing it isn't the right site, but I like the blog. Come to find out, I'M A WINNER! I've not won anything before really, and I won a 50 buck gift certificate to Fabric Worm because I entered the Bloggers Quilt Festival! Am I a lucky duck or what?!

This brightened my day even after I found out that Wally World doesn't sell Embroidery Hoops! Ah.

God Bless each and every one of you!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Of Cutting, and Cakes, and Shopping, Oh My!

Alright, so I can't be the only one out there that absolutely hates cutting. Whether it be with a rotary cutter or an actual pair of scissors, I just can't seem to get the hang of it. My angles never measure up (even if I do measure a bajillion times)!

I have been reading these super awesome blogs about cakes, icing, fondant, and wonderful cuteness. So being the explorer I am, I decided to do such on my own. While it's alright, I think that the fondant will not be made again. I won't be putting the websites up for the fondant recipe and instructions up due to my uneventful-ness, but if anyone wants the site I'll be happy to give it to you! I think it just may have been a little too much for the cake I made, and I may have had it a *weensy* bit too thick. Maybe. Or positively. Either way it took more time for me than what I would readily have on hand for baking a cake. I will, however, give the link for the homemade buttercream icing! This stuff is insanely yummy. My mother actually took a spoon and cleaned out the mixing bowl! I will say it's definitely not your average icing, and I love it :).

Went to our local Wal-Mart (because that's basically all we have) to get some groceries and stuff. The whole time through the store I kept on thinking to myself that I was forgetting something, even though I remembered to get the elastic thread (shirring, anyone?). I get home and not ten minutes after I realize I wanted embroidery hoops. AH! This has to be the 5th time I've happened to forget them. I must tattoo this on my arm until next shopping day!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Yet Another Day

So here goes to another post, bloggers!!

These past few days have been hectic, and - unfortunately - near quilt free. With the holiday weekend upon us, it's been hot days, cool nights, and shindigs that require my presence. I've gone to two birthday/graduation parties, and at 4 other peoples houses for a grill time.

Luckily today I was able to get back to my machine and supplies and get something done around here. I finished adding my third piece to each of my strips so now I'm totally ready to start cutting for my three in one quilt pattern. Wish me luck, guys!

Speaking of said three in one, I was thinking about adding a little something to make it my own, and then submitting one of those beauties for the mini quilt swap. What a way to kill two birds with one stone, right? Good times.

I found an old apron mom had hanging up decorating the kitchen. Yes, I've seen it a million times in the kitchen, but today I really looked at it. It's absolutely gorgeous, and I believe that I will make one for myself! I have so many new ideas to try out, but sadly my pocketbook doesn't have the same ambition ;).

Before leaving the house for said shindigs yesterday, I got my cakes in the oven and baked. They're sitting in the freezer right now, chilling out so I can get the ingredients to make the icing and fondant to decorate said cake. This is another new adventure I'm taking on, but the more the merrier, right?

Alright, enough time on here, it's back to the cutting board I go!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

It's Been A While

Okay, so I've come to the conclusion that no matter what kind of blog I have, it'll never be updated daily. I've tried LJ, and also Xanga. I think I also had one on diaryland or something like that when I was younger, and that didn't work out, either.

Big thanks to KarrieLyne at FreckledWhimsy for giving me a heads up on a mini quilt swap! I've not done this, and figured it would be an awesome adventure! It's called Another Little Quilt Swap 4 and if anyone else is interested, you can find the info here. As much fun as it seems like it would be, I don't know if I want another project on my plate :P

For my patriotic quilt, I got the binding finished, and washed and dried it yesterday. Now all that's left is to add the star applique on the sides, and I'm finished! Well that and the label :) i'm so excited for this, you have no idea. I'll post pictures probably tomorrow with the finished product (I'll be sewing tonight, ladies!)

i also have a quilt trio i'm still working on. it's, however, on a standstill because I wanted to get my other quilt finished in time for the ending of the bloggers quilt festival. I may just keep it on a current halt while i create my mini quilt for the swap. Who knows, I may have crazy amounts of projects at one time :)

Another thing to mention, is that instead of using yet another pattern to try to quilt, I have decided to come up with my own little design. I admit that I've seen quilts like it before, but I'll be putting a small twist on it to make it my own. I never figured that i'd be making my own creations! Especially at such an early stage in this project!

wish me luck!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Spring 2010 Quilters Festival

Hey, yall!

I've never been to a quilt festival, market, or anything of the sort with a quilt of my own, so this is a completely new experience!

I apologize, because I have to enter the festival with a quilt that is not completely finished. See, this is my second quilt ever made and my first quilt was made for a gift. I have no pictures or anything of the sort from my first baby, but I have oodles of this one!!

I began this quilt in April (It's only a table runner) and will probably finish it before June - or at least I'm hoping I will! My first quilt was made because of pure interest. I bought a how-to book and taught myself. This quilt, however, was made because I wanted something for myself. I love the red, white, and blue pattern. It was made from a pattern from Pieces from my Heart - #335 Pride and Glory. When all is said and done, I will have appliqued two stars on it - one on each of the blue sides. I love the 'Americana' look, and I believe this will do fantastic on a coffee table or side table.

When quilting, I decided to try my hand at more than just straight lines - I trid adding wavy lines. I think I did alright, but I know it could've been better. I was just so excited to do anything but just stitch-in-the-ditch!

As of current, I have the binding sewn on the front of the quilt. I'll begin hand-stitching the back either tonight or tomorrow after work. The stars will be added once that endeavor is over :).

Hopefully by the fall I'll have a more interesting (and finished, to boot!) quilt to post for you all!

As of today (5/27/2010), my quilt is finished. I finished the binding, and decided to not add the applique stars. Once I got all my fabric together, I thought the stars were just too busy, and I rather like the look of this already.

UNFORTUNATELY, my camera is being stupid (yet again) and refuses to work. I will post pictures as soon as I possibly can!

Yay for quilt # 2! This teaches me a lesson that no matter what pattern I use, I still have the ultimate decision in how the quilt is to be made. It's mine and no-one elses :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Sometimes either there aren't enough hours in the day, or I am just too easily side-tracked!

I got off of work at 5 this evening, and got home from the gym around 6-ish. Probably a quarter after. Ate a little something, then just jumped on the computer for a 'quick check' of the new blogs, email, facebook. I'm still here. ACK! I didn't do anything sewing related today, and that makes me super sad :(. Tomorrow I get off work early, so I'll have a little time to make up for my lacking in sewing today and yesterday. I'll also get some new fabric for backing, binding, and the borders for four (yes, four!) quilts!

Hope yall's days were a tad more productive than mine :)
My fabric in pairs
(Fresh by Deb Strain for Moda)

My quilt topper. I still have to applique two cream stars in the blue area. Was created with the pattern #335 Pride and Glory from Pieces from my Heart.

Curious Teigan!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Whew what a day

Today's been pretty hectic. I haven't even done a stitch, and now that it's 9 p.m. I don't plan on starting, either. During work I was itching to get home and finish sewing my three strips so I can actually start, but things got held up.

I did, however, get to iron my two strips together (that being 12 sets of two strips of a jelly roll which were sewn together yesterday). Also, I went to the store, bought some Heat n' Bond, and created some tags for my quilts. Thanks goes to Rachel from p.s. i quilt for the easy peasy tut!! After I get my paycheck and buy my backing fabric for my quilt top, I'll be able to test this out. I'm already excited :)

I hope you're all having a wonderful day out there in bloggerland. Hope the sewing's coming along just fine!

(even though it's generic, this background is actually REALLY cute!)

and while i'm thinking about it, who else rocks out to some tunes while sewing? please tell me it's not just me, yall!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Brand Spankin' New

I always associated that 'line' with brand spankin' new music. I guess it fits because music is such a large part of my life.

To be honest, I actually started this blog due to the finding of a few *ahh-mazing** blogs I've stumbled upon. I'm blogging at work, currently, so I can remember one being p.s. i quilt by Rachel, and another being jaybird quilts.

If you couldn't gather by the two blogs mentioned above: Yes - I am a quilter. Not seasoned, just barely with her first stitches under the belt. I began this endeavor in February, and finished up my first quilt in the beginning of April. I'm such a slacker! Twas a sampler quilt, and made a fine lap quilt. It took so long for multiple reasons: First and foremost, I was terrified of beginning something that I had to teach myself. (bought an e-book and taught myself quilting so far). Secondly, I was dreading adding the sashing strips and border. I have an older Singer model sewing machine set up on an old table that my mother refuses to move the tablecloth off, scared it'll get scratched. I wasn't looking forward to actually quilting my fabrics together, again due to the older machine. It took forever to find a walking foot to accommodate my poor machine, and even then I can only use straight stitches. No cute, fancy quilting for me :(. As I mentioned, that piece is finally finished, and I've finished the top for my second quilt. That was a project that I bought the pattern from my local quilt shop - Calico Patch. All I have left is to quilt it together, add binding, and applique the stars! I'll post pictures if I can ever remember to charge my camera, haha!

I've been rooting around trying to find some cute new patterns, and the jackpot has been found! Not only did the Calico Patch have a cute pattern for a 3-in-1 with a jelly roll, there are beautiful tutorials online that I'm just itching to dig my fingers into! I'm not sure how long I can keep my resolve to only have one project on the fire at once, they're all so cute!

NOW, after all that exhausting blubber, you might want to know a little about myself ;). If anyone (haha, right) has any questions I can go back and edit this thing, I presume. My name is Stephanie, but most people call me Steph or Steffi. Whatever floats yer boat :). I'm 23 ( a pisces) and engaged. I graduated college with an associates degree, and am currently living at home with my parents until we ( manly-man and I, i mean) can find a decent place to live. erm. well, my fav color is pink, but I'm pretty happy with all colors. I love LOVE paisley prints, and girly prints. I live in a small town in Kentucky, and talk like you'd probably expect me to - twang and all :). I love a good sweet tea, and baking. Sucker for animals - which I have three of. A massive cat, a yorkshire terrier, and a beagle/basset hound mix.

Hopefully I'll find some kindred spirits on here!