Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Already Ready

I'm already ready for Christmas!

Are you?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Feeling of Accomplishment

So tonight I got busy sewin', and finished two quilt tops. Granted they're small lap-quilts, but I do feel like I've done something today. I haven't been sewing much since I got back from North Carolina last weekend, and I guess all that pent up sewing just had to get out, eh?

Now, the 3-in-1 quilt set is finally pieced and ready for some basting! One small problem is that I need to go buy some fabric for the backing and binding. Whoops :) I just LOVE fabric shopping!

There are so many new projects that I'd love to start working on now that the Pride and Glory and trio are finished. I started an apron that I quickly lost interest in. I don't think I'll ever be making any dresses or shirts or anything. Making cuffs and seams just isn't worth it!

Unfortunately, I think I may have worn out my old Singer sewing machine. I not only broke a needle in the middle of the sashing, but it's starting to skip stitches, the feed dogs aren't pulling like they should, and my tension is all wonky. I'll take it to the doctor as soon as I can, really. After all, I can't even finish the tops I have now if my machine won't work, right?

Which also reminds me... I know that for one of my Christmas presents I'll be receiving a new sewing machine. I've been looking at the Brother PC-420. Does anyone recommend this machine? Also, what are some good sewing machines for quilting?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sorry, Kiddos!

So I've been having a rough time this past week and, honestly, I can't really bring myself to blog. I've got so much in my head that trying to sort it out isn't something I care to do right now. There has been a death in my family that was very close to my heart, and I can't think of trying to write anything.

However, I am in blog-land reading each of your blogs. I want to read as much as you guys can put out, because it distracts me from the other stuff.

News to note:
Since winning the Fabricworm giveaway for the Bloggers Quilt Festival, I have chosen my fabrics and received them. I'll post pictures when my heart stops breaking. I also stopped in Fancy Gap, NC (on the way home) at their pottery and fabric outlet and bought a few things. Just 4 fat quarters and 2 embroidery hoops. (Yes, those darn hoops).

I'm out, and I hope you all are doing MUCH better than I am :)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


So today I've been flopping around on the internet trying to find the blog that had the AWESOME Bible scripture as the header (I can't remember the scripture or I'd just look it up). I can't remember the blog or anything, so I've gone through my history, clicking anything that might be what I'm lookin for. So I come along Amy's Creative Side and click on it, knowing it isn't the right site, but I like the blog. Come to find out, I'M A WINNER! I've not won anything before really, and I won a 50 buck gift certificate to Fabric Worm because I entered the Bloggers Quilt Festival! Am I a lucky duck or what?!

This brightened my day even after I found out that Wally World doesn't sell Embroidery Hoops! Ah.

God Bless each and every one of you!