Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summertime Blues

So does anyone else get the summertime blues? It's over 90 degrees outside, humid (or raining now) and I just can't seem to get the urge to really do anything. Once I get home from work - no matter how hard or easy the day really was - I'm exhausted and just don't feel like moving, really. I've done a few things, but it's been small things done over a period of time. I got the border strips on two of the three quilt tops. That's awesome considering the third one doesn't need any borders :) I have my cathedral windows pillow top on hold because I just can't get up enough energy to really tackle it. I have the 'base' of the pillow cut and sewn together, but can't find the will to cut out the 'windows'. I cut a few out yesterday, but I still have quite a few to tackle.

Once it hits into September everything will be back to normal, and I just can't wait for this intense heat to disappear!

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