Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Another Day Another Dollar

Shew what a day! Does anyone else have those days that just feels like they'll never end? Ever? Definitely had one of those today.

I'm currently washing my quilt for the first time, and I can't hardly wait to see it all dried and crinkly and soft and awesome :) This is really the first quilt I've made myself, and I'm proud! I have three more that I'm doing, and none of them are for myself, either :P

My biological father sent me a Layer Cake of Kate Spain's Fandango, and I believe the fabric is gonna go into the pattern Easy As Cake from the Moda BakeShop. I had thought of making a quilt like the Tiger Lily pattern from Crazy Old Ladies, but this one is so easy on the eyes, and not to mention my silly machine :).

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